Code of Conduct

General Code of Conduct

  • Students should maintain discipline and decorum in the college campus.
  • Students should cultivate the habit of reading notice displayed on the notice board and ignorance of any notice thus displayed will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to company withit.
  • Smoking, Spitting, throwing or waste paper or rubbish is prohibited in the college premises.
  • A student may not leave his/her class room without permission or until the lecturer has left the room or asked the class to disperse.
  • Loitering or collecting in groups and talking loudly are strictly prohibited around the verandah, corridor, staircase and other passages or anywhere within the college campus.
  • Students are forbidden from organizing or attending any meeting in the college or collecting money for any purpose without the prior permission of the principal.
  • Every student attend all the classes regularly and punctually on all days according to the time table.
  • No student shall take part in any anti-social or subversive activity. No student shall be a member of any political party or take taken part or take part in active politics. A student contravening these rules is liable to be suspended or dismissed from the college.
  • Students shall handle the furniture and books with great care and consideration. Any loss or destruction of these will be chargeable individually or collectively.
  • Students are advised not to indulge in damaging the college property. In the event of any such damage
  • It shall be made good by imposing a general fine on all students proportionate to the damage caused, in case none of the students or the group disclose the names of the students responsible for the damage.

Library Rules

  • Strict silence should be observed in the library.
  • Books can be borrowed on the days specified for each class.
  • Library cards will issued and the student has to produce his/her card along with the identity card before the librarian at the time borrowing
  • Students should apply for five books in order of preference, a day prior t the day issue of books for their class.
    They should apply in the slip provided.
  • Failure to return the book on the due date incurs a fine of rs.1.00 per day.
  • A Student shall not damage or lose any books. In case of such eventuality, they have to replace the book or make good its cost.
  • At the time of borrowing a book, the student must examine whether the book is damaged or not. He/she should bring it to the notice librarian.If one borrows such a book without showing it to the librarian, the former will be responsible for the damage.
  • Books should not be sub-lent