Rules Regarding Admission

  • 1. Application for admission should reach the principal on or before the specified date.
  • 2. No Application shall be considered for admission unless accompanied by copies of:
  • a) Transfer certificate from the institution last attended.
  • b) Statement of marks obtained at the last examination.
  • (Only Certified copies of the certificates should be attached. Originals should be submitted at the time of admission)
  • 3. Eligibility Certificate and Migration Certificates should be submitted in case of students coming from other states.
  • 4. The filled in application form should be returned to the office on or before the last date notified.
  • 5. A list of provisionally selected candidates will be announced on the college Notice Board. This is not an admission list nor does is entitle an applicant to admission. Such of the candidates, whose names are notified shall present themselves for interview with their parents/guardians. Admission will be finalized, by the committee constituted for this purpose, after personal interview.
  • 6. Candidates selected for admission should pay the prescribed fees and produce the originals of the transfer certificate and the statement of marks on or before the last date notified and should meet the principal to get themselves admitted. Belated application forms will not be considered.
  • 7. Admissions are provisional>They are subject to the approval of the Bangalore University.
  • Students who are found to have obtained admission by false representations will be summarily dismissed with forfeiture of all the fees paid.
  • 8. Students who are found to have obtained admission by false representations will be summarily dismissed with forfeiture of all the fees paid.
  • 9. Even if a student leaves the colleges in the middle of the term and requires the transfer certificate, he /she should pay the fees for the whole term.
  • 10. Fees once collected will not be refunded under any circumstances. Parents and students are particularly requested to keep this in view before seeking admission. If any student desires to discontinue,he/she should inform the principal in writing. The transfer certificate of the student will not be given to him/her in person but will be sent directly to the college where the student will seek admission, after collecting the transfer certificate fee.
  • Attendance

    Students should be regular in attending classes and should put in a minimum of 75% of attendance in theory and practical in each as per the regulations of the Bangalore University. The names of the students, who have shortage of attendance, will be notified once in two months. It is the responsibility of the students to note their attendance. Students should note that 25% shortage of attendance. Students should note that 25% of attendance will be condoned by the Bangalore University for normal illness of the students, accidents, unforeseen circumstances etc. No further concession on these grounds will be permitted. If a student falls short of the prescribed minimum of attendance, he/she will not be eligible to appear for the Bangalore University Examination.

    Maximum period for completion of Degree:

    A Candidate who joins the l Semester of the degree course should complete the degree within six years from the year of joining. Otherwise, he/she has to join the course afresh.